Game Development is Wild

I'm making a game

I’m learning how to make a game, and at the same time learning how to learn to make a game.

I approached the problem like anyone starting a new skill set, thinking it would be quick and easy. I had a 20 year old CS degree I hadn’t used, and a vast experience playing games, so I was full of hubris.

Turns out it’s messy. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to try out.

Here’s a glimpse into my various processes, it started with scraps of paper, then/still various notebooks, and now the addition of digital work. Dreaming up mechanics, theme, story, art all made me think I was progressing on a game, but I also often lost sight of what makes games fun.

sweeper bot sketch
What I want my little sweeper bot to look like
all the notebooks
All the notebooks, so far
the scraps
The embarassingly hoarded scraps of notes

Thankfully this digital garden will let me show my progress, my fits and starts, and any little successes and lessons I go through.

Want to know my inspiration? Come take a look at my game-inspiration

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